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Why Isn’t Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Working?

As I write this article, the newspapers and airwaves are filled with more reports of alleged sexual harassment in workplaces around the country. It’s as though the media has suddenly discovered a whole new world of discrimination to report on. For HR managers, these stories aren’t surprising—they’re frustrating.

Rethink HR: A changing world means new people practices

by Brad Federman It’s time to rethink HR. It’s actually way past due. Globalization, millennials entering the workforce, a shift to contract and part-time labor, an increase in diversity, technology that encourages networking, and open communications are just a few of the signs that illustrate the shift in the workplace. HR should be at the […]


Exploring how top management can get the most out of HR

Nobody likes the idea of being exploited. Such a notion conjures up feelings of being abused and unfairly taken advantage of. But turn the notion around. What serious human resources professionals wouldn’t welcome working for an organization that fully “exploits” their talents and skills?  HR pros have long advocated taking a larger role as a […]

HR skills inadequate? Research details challenges for 21st century employers

Few would deny that the human resources department has its hands full. With change bombarding the workplace at an ever-increasing pace, HR professionals feel the heat. Now, a new study examining 21st century workplace trends concludes that HR is at risk of getting burned.   The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report sounds a dire […]

Top 10 tips for conducting an effective sexual harassment investigation

by Lauren M. Cooper Employers must take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring. You must also promptly correct any sexually harassing behavior that has occurred. Effectively investigating harassment complaints and promptly intervening are critical to both of those goals. Prevention of the harassing behavior is the ultimate objective. Effective and immediate intervention also […]

Your HR Department 2010 Survey Results

While some HR departments got through the past year relatively unscathed, many have had to conduct layoffs, keep employees happy when they haven’t had a raise in more than a year, and all while their own departments and budgets have been slashed. Each year, HRhero asks its readers about their HR departments and how they […]

Your HR Department 2009 Survey Results

Each year we survey our readers to find out more about them – and let them find out more about each other. Most of you wear many hats and compared to previous years’ results a number of you appear to have added more in 2009. At the same time, many of you have fewer people […]

Downsizing: 7 Steps to Help Employees Cope

by Carol A. Hacker The November 2008 U.S. job loss report was staggering. More than 500,000 jobs shed in one month, the worst one-month job loss since December 1974. That brings the 2008 job loss total to 1.9 million.And according to a New York Times report on the job loss situation, deeper cuts will probably […]

Your HR Department 2008 Survey Results

Many thanks to everyone for taking this month’s survey twice. Your answers were very interesting, especially on the essay question about the most difficult thing your HR department has had to do this year. Many of you have had to deal with layoffs, finding good employees to hire, the rising cost of health care, and […]