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Q&A: Determining Whether Elective Surgeries Are Covered Under FMLA

Q: An employee is having an elective surgery that won’t require an overnight hospital stay, but she will be off work for two weeks to recover and will possibly have some restrictions afterward. Will her surgery and time off be covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? A: Under the FMLA, an eligible […]

Why Higher Ups Avoid Communicating with Their Staff

Everyone experiences moments where they feel ill at the thought of speaking up. Managers and bosses are no exception. Harvard Business Review and other research firms have reported that up to 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees. This includes not just when it comes to having conversations they think an employee might react […]


Keeping Your Culture Connected

Yesterday we heard from Kathie Patterson, the CHRO at Ally Financial. She began to explore how organizations can make sure that their culture is one that is connected. Today we’ll hear more from her including how Corporate Social Responsibility plays a role.

How Does Your Organization Define a Connected Culture?

At Ally, we define a connected culture as one where every employee feels accepted, valued, and a sense of belonging. We strive to build a purpose-driven organization that’s grounded in a connected culture and a highly engaged workforce. Being a purpose-driven company is not something you can elect out of—at least not if you want […]


How to Fix Unequal Pay

Employers know that they have a legal obligation to have fair pay practices. The pay offered should not be discriminatory and should strive to equally pay employees who do the same work. There will always be allowances for differences in performance and other permissible factors, but pay differences should never be based on discriminatory reasons—not […]