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Prescription for Employee Financial Wellbeing? Start with an FSA or HSA

With inflation continuing to drive prices upward on a broad range of products and services, financial wellness is top of mind for nearly everyone. According to a recent Bank of America survey, 62% of employees are stressed about their finances and 71% feel the cost of living is outpacing growth in their income. All told, […]

What the New HSA Contribution Limits Mean for Employers and Employees

Higher health savings account (HSA) contribution limits can have a number of positive implications for both employers and employees. Healthcare costs, along with the cost of nearly everything else, have continued to rise, so these new limits should be a welcome relief to individuals and families. For Employees Employees are wise to contribute as much […]

Everything You Need to Know About Health Savings Accounts  

A health savings account (HSA) is a flexible financial tool that serves you throughout every stage of your life. This account allows you to take control of your finances in an individually tailored way to your financial situation. The HSA market is rapidly evolving and growing with each passing year. According to the 2022 Midyear […]

Information Overload: Employee Communications in Crisis

Let’s face it: We’re all on information overload. The amount of content we are consuming on a minute-by-minute basis in the blurred lines between our personal and professional lives has exploded in this digital economy.

Are Employees Putting Their Health and Wealth in the Parking Lot?

Most of us have heard of the “parking lot” in business—the place where ideas not pertinent to a discussion get moved. With the perceived complexity of the health and wealth landscape, as well as the challenges facing employees for the long haul, it’s no surprise that many consumers are moving their health and wealth to […]

Two More Reasons HSAs Are Essential for a Healthy Retirement

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be used to save for both current and future health expenses, demonstrating their value as a tool for physical and financial health today and in retirement. In addition to the triple tax advantage and investment capability that was discussed in yesterday’s article, here are reasons three and four to consider […]


Two Reasons HSAs Are Essential for a Healthy Retirement

Despite the recent increase in discussion around the need to save wisely for retirement, many Americans underestimate the healthcare costs they will face when they retire. In a study conducted by HSA Bank, 67% of consumers believe they will need less than $100,000 for healthcare expenses in retirement, and 82% believe they will need less […]

23 Tips to Boost Employee Adoption of Consumer Directed Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts

It’s no surprise that research has found employees tend to delay or disengage from decisions they view as difficult and complex. In the 1980s, the struggle among employees was 401(k) adoption, even though it was the most practical retirement financial tool in the market. These days, the challenge is centered on consumer directed health plans […]