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Is Your Employee Handbook a Legal Time Bomb?

Hunter Lott is an HR practitioner dedicated to the “rights of management.” His handbook remarks below came during his “Please Sue Me” session at a recent Society for Human Resource Management Conference and Exposition.


Human Resources–STILL Not a Strategic Partner?

Meanwhile, at the same conference, consultant Hunter Lott says he often hears, “HR, the people that keep me from doing what I want to do.” Where Is HR Really? Mundy, Vice President, Human Resources and Communications for the Climate Solutions sector of Ingersoll Rand, asserts that one of the problems is that HR managers lack […]

Firing an Employee: Why You Should Never Act Alone

In yesterday’s CED, Hunter Lott of Please Sue Me fame offered his lawsuit avoidance tips. Today, his advice on legal exposure in 2011, plus an introduction to an upcoming event you won’t want to miss. First, specialized input. As we mentioned in yesterday’s CED, specialized members of the management team, like the HR manager, are in a […]

YouTube: A Surprisingly Effective Training Tool

We’re not actually talking about training your managers with YouTube videos (though that’s an interesting idea). We’re talking about hammering home the concept that, in this highly plugged-in age, managers could well see their worst workplace moments broadcast worldwide if they’re not careful.   Lawsuit-avoidance expert and PleaseSueMe.com founder Hunter Lott, who spoke recently at […]

Please Sue Me? Teach Your Managers the YouTube Test

It used to be the “60 Minutes Rule,” but lawsuit avoidance expert Hunter Lott now encounters people who say 60 Minutes, what’s that? So he advocates the “YouTube Rule”—don’t do anything in the office, he says, that you wouldn’t want to see on YouTube. Lott, who is a popular speaker and consultant and owner of […]