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HR Should Play a Key Role in Incident Response

Cybersecurity and the crucial role HR professionals play are more urgent topics than ever in today’s digital landscape. You may think cybersecurity is solely an information technology (IT) department concern, but think again. While IT handles the technical aspects, HR can make or break the human element by educating staff, enforcing policies, and communicating effectively. […]


Wannacry: A Shot Across the Bow

Although information security and cyber attacks seem to be a daily headline, several events and trends recently collided to produce some headlines with extra heat: WANNACRY RANSOMWARE RUNS RAMPANT! Even in a world used to fast-moving technology, the speed of Wannacry’s spread, and the high-profile nature of its victims, took many by surprise.

Ebola Outbreak Raises Questions for Employers

As a result of the attention surrounding the ongoing Ebola outbreak, many employers are wondering how to handle situations involving communicable disease. Not much medical testing of employees is allowed. If however, a pandemic is widespread and is a direct threat, public health authorities say employers can monitor closely for symptoms and illness. Employers can […]