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Hiring on the Rise for Q4 2016

As a recruiter, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest recruiting trends. To that end, check out the latest ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey and see how the recruiting year of 2016 might end.

Don’t Monkey Around with This Job

If in your current job, you are stressed because you always feel like you are constantly “herding cats,” then you may want to consider moving to India, where you can get a job chasing monkeys.  Well, at least you would be outside all the time.

Addiction Spawns Gross Malady

It’s spreading from India to the British Isles, and it’s ready to jump the Atlantic to infect Americans with an unsightly condition. If you love your cell phone or tablet, or are downright addicted, you may have to buy a lot of scarves and turtleneck sweaters to allay this condition, which is a lot more […]

Were Employees Required to Sign Tax Refunds Over to Employer?

An employee has filed a class action lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court claiming that his employer required foreign employees to sign over their federal and state tax refund checks to the company. The lawsuit was filed by Gopi Vedachalam, a citizen of India, against Tata American International Corp., which is a U.S. subsidiary […]