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Unusual Behavior in the Workplace: What to Ask to Minimize Legal Risk

When an employee is acting “strangely,” a supervisor or manager might innocently ask him or her questions that could lead to legal liability for your company. When it comes to managing mental health in the workplace, it’s important to train supervisors and managers on how to engage with an employee whose behavior is affecting job […]

Infographic: States Leading Employment-Related Regulations Charge

Due to legislative action (or lack thereof) on a federal level, states and local jurisdictions are continuing to advance employment-related laws and regulations intended to protect workers, from offering benefits like healthcare, retirement, and paid leave to policies regarding drug use and sexual harassment prevention.

Flexible Workspaces: An Evolution

It seems like even just 10 years ago workspace flexibility was still a new idea. But when did it all start? Today we are pleased to share an infographic that explores the history, major developments, and the future of the flexible workspace.

What Are the World’s Creepiest Jobs?

Happy Halloween! You might be wondering what HR and Halloween have to do with one another. Typically not much, other than being careful with how you handle office-oriented Halloween parties or Halloween day firings. But have you stopped to consider what it might be like to be an HR professional at a creepy job? What […]

10 Skills You’ll Need to Thrive in 2020

Much like how the ancestors learned how to grow food after spending many years hunting animals to eat, the dawn of a new industrial age is motivating the world to learn the new skills of the future to thrive.

Infographic: Clean Workplaces Are More Productive

How does the cleanliness of a work space affect workers? That’s a question that Cleaning Services Group recently tackled. The following infographic explores a correlation between cleaner offices and productivity.

Where Can the Happiest Workers in the United States Be Found?

Recent research conducted by Sokanu aimed to answer a simple question: who are the happiest workers in the United States? We’ll give you a hint—the top two are not part of the contiguous states. That’s right, Hawaii and Alaska took the number one and number two spots respectively. Want to find out how everyone else […]