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New Louisiana Law Grants Retroactive COVID-19 Liability Protection to Businesses

As businesses attempt to navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape, one issue of concern is the possibility of claims for alleged exposure to the contagion being filed by both customers and employees. The concerns have been complicated by the often conflicting guidance or requirements placed on businesses by local, state, and federal governments or agencies.


A Meeting with the Principal Resulted in Teacher’s Stroke: Worker’s Comp Denied

An employee walks into a meeting with her supervisor in good health. The supervisor criticizes her work performance, which upsets the employee. Shortly after the meeting, the employee suffers a medical problem that a doctor attributes to the contentious encounter. She makes a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Is she entitled to benefits? That was […]

Upgrading your occupational health and safety management systems

by Cathy Chandler Two workers die each day in Canada from a work-related accident or disease. Hundreds more experience a work-related injury, according to the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada 2015 Statistical Report. The statistics are not improving significantly despite an increased focus from regulators, unions, and industry associations on improving occupational health […]

You’re No Pelé; Get Back to Work!

When will people learn that fake worker’s compensation claims will ultimately lead to lawsuits? Hopefully never, because then we won’t have HRSBT! This recent case is no different, but it’s still entertaining!

In search of the win-win solution

by Mark I. Schickman Too often, the workplace is viewed as a zero-sum game ― a win for an employee or loss for the boss, every savings for the company obtained from an employee concession. The political parties are playing it the same way; either employers pay more or workers get less ― nobody suggests […]

Office Olympics

With the Olympics in full swing this summer, reruns of The Office have been replaced with reruns of the Olympics (OK, tape-delayed events, but you get the idea). I can only assume this means that every workplace in the entire world is now hosting its very own office-themed Olympics with events ranging from office-chair races to Flonkerton. (In Season 2, […]