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Broadcast Your Employer Brand: How to Use Live Video for Killer Recruiting Events

Struggling with recruitment? You’re not alone. Changing trends and shifting workplace cultures have continued to put stress on recruiters and human resources professionals who are working hard to fill those empty roles. It’s 2024; you’re almost certainly using social media in your recruitment efforts. You may have even thrown an in-person networking event, trying to […]

4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Still Helpful for Recruitment

Instagram is dead. Long live Instagram. There’s no doubt the once massively popular app has shifted in popularity over the past couple of years. More and more influencers have escaped to TikTok, Meta has been dragged in front of Congress, and year-over-year growth has slowed significantly. The reasons are varied, but one huge reason is […]


Leslie Jordan: Unlikely Instagram King Celebrates a Historic Pride Month

If you haven’t been following actor and comedian Leslie Jordan’s Instagram feed throughout the coronavirus pandemic, you have been missing out on a beacon of light and levity. The 64-year-old self-described “pocket gay” has been sharing a running commentary while sheltering in place in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

How U.S. workers are talking about #Overtime on Instagram

By Melissa Blazejak, Senior Web Content Editor What do Instagram and overtime have in common? Some would answer, “nothing, that’s counterproductive.” However, a recent study conducted by Paychex paired the two together to find out American’s work habits as it relates to overtime.

A blooper of historic proportions

Downton Abbey recently made headlines with what some are calling “the water bottle seen around the world.” In an uncropped version of a publicity photo, Lord Grantham and Lady Edith are seen standing in front of a stately mantel upon which a bottled water is perched looking hilariously out of place. Turning an amusing blooper into […]