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Tips for a successful summer internship program

It’s summer, a time when you may have some new faces around the workplace. Eager college or even high school students are taking their place alongside experienced workers in the hopes that a summer of real-world experience will give them valuable insights into their chosen careers and maybe even give them a leg-up when they […]

Interns: Will work for experience (sometimes)

by Lyndel Erwin An eager young college graduate approaches you looking for work as an intern and offering to do the job for free just to gain experience and make contacts in the industry. A retiree offers to volunteer in your hospital just to have something to fill her day. It looks like a win-win […]

School for Scandal: Hearst Corp. Latest Company to Be Sued by an Unpaid Intern

By Liza Casabona Thinking that an unpaid intern might provide an answer to payroll your budget woes? Think again. Several recent, high profile lawsuits filed by interns underscore the risks faced by companies sponsoring unpaid internships. The Hearst Corp. is among the latest companies to be accused by interns of wage and hour violations. The […]

Employer Bears All Risk for Unpaid Interns

An enthusiastic and energetic individual approaches you with a proposal to volunteer his time to gain valuable experience in your industry. “After all,” reasons the prospective volunteer, “how can I get my first job if I have no experience in the field of my choice?” Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? Like many win-win […]

Interns and Trainees: Must They Be Paid?

(Updated May 2010) By Hillary J. Collyer Summer is here, which means that student interns are arriving for their summer internships — and many of these internships are unpaid. Internships afford students the opportunity to gain practical, real world experience, as well as explore various career paths and develop potential contacts. Employers should be careful, […]

Recruiting Teenagers: Program Lures Future Talent

The early bird catches the worm — and the best employees. At least that’s the thinking of the Association of Corporate Counsel and the Street Law organization, which are working together to encourage young people of color to extend their educations and consider law-related careers. Among other things, their Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline program pairs […]