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Make sure you’re not singing the ‘Summertime Blues’

by Teresa Shulda Summer will be here soon, and we’ll be car-dancing to the latest “summer jam.” During my time, the top summer hits were by music greats Madonna and Def Leppard. Whatever your favorite summer tunes are, it’s important to remember that summer brings lots of opportunities for employment law jams—and they aren’t the […]

Apprenticeship getting more attention as way to bridge the skills gap

It’s a familiar lament coming from employers: They struggle to hire people with the skills they need even when jobseekers line up at their doors. The skills gap has been a worry for years, and employers, educators, workers, and government officials have long touted apprenticeship as at least part of the solution. But the concept […]

The Intern: delightful movie—risky employment practice

Well, the Golden Globes were Sunday night and all of Hollywood tuned it to celebrate the best of film and television. One movie that was noticeably absent from the nominations (at least in my opinion) was The Intern, a heartwarming film starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, that tells the story of a lovable retiree […]

Feds to employers: Do as I say, not as I do

by Kylie Crawford TenBrook I’m no longer allowed to cuss in my house. It was a tough habit to break ― as the only girl in a family of seven children, I grew up with a lot of profanity. But I realized that I had to change my family’s behavior after a recent trip during […]

Tips for a successful summer internship program

It’s summer, a time when you may have some new faces around the workplace. Eager college or even high school students are taking their place alongside experienced workers in the hopes that a summer of real-world experience will give them valuable insights into their chosen careers and maybe even give them a leg-up when they […]

Interns: Will work for experience (sometimes)

by Lyndel Erwin An eager young college graduate approaches you looking for work as an intern and offering to do the job for free just to gain experience and make contacts in the industry. A retiree offers to volunteer in your hospital just to have something to fill her day. It looks like a win-win […]

Time to assess summer worker programs

As back to school time looms, employers may be assessing their experiences with summer workers — those brought in for seasonal work as well as college interns learning the ropes in their chosen profession. Now is a good time to examine which employer practices are sound and which ones may be iffy. Employers need to […]

The Dark, Ugly Side of Using Unpaid Interns (under the FLSA)

Unless they protect themselves, employers using unpaid interns risk running afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws. Indie movie spinoff Fox Searchlight (a division of Twentieth Century Fox) has been slapped with a lawsuit by two interns who worked on the set of the award-winning film, Black Swan. In Eric Glatt […]