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Exit Interviews 101

Does your company conduct exit interviews? What questions do you ask? What benefits do you gain? These Q&A sessions with an employee who is leaving the company can be done in person, but they can also be done in writing—via e-mail, online forms, or even mailed questionnaires.

6 Reasons We Hire the Wrong Employees

All employers want to hire the best employees. So why is it that we often find, despite our good intentions and thorough recruiting process, that we still end up with employees who are not a good fit for our organization? This wastes time and money. Why do we do it?

5 Important Interview Questions You’re Not Asking

People come to an interview wanting to tell the interviewer what the interviewer wants to hear. Interviewers often feed right into this by structuring the interview in a way that gives the applicant information to repeat back—allowing them to look perhaps more qualified for the role than they truly are. This is one reason why […]

Getting the interview right: Try out some new questions

by Tammy Binford It’s a rare HR professional who hasn’t struggled with the question, “How can I make certain I’m getting the most useful information during job interviews?” Asking insightful questions goes a long way toward addressing the problem, but figuring out just what to ask can be tricky. Will a particular question elicit a […]

HR Interview Questions

What do you, as an HR professional, need to tell your supervisors about interview questions that can be asked during a job interview? The following are permissible interview questions for employers:

Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Different types of interviews have different goals. The traditional interview seeks a broad knowledge of the candidate’s qualifications, while the behavioral interview looks at how he or she has performed on the job. There’s even a situational interview that presents scenarios that might be faced on the new job and asks how the candidate would […]