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IRS Ruling Permits Rollover from Deceased Participant’s Account to Non-Designated Beneficiary

Plan sponsors regularly handle situations that arise from a deceased participant’s failure to designate a beneficiary for his or her employer-sponsored retirement account. A private letter ruling (PLR) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) earlier this year could provide some insight into the agency’s thinking about allowing surviving spouses to roll over a deceased participant’s […]

Workers’ Financial Woes

Living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet is a way of life for a majority of U.S. workers. And minimum wage workers aren’t the only ones struggling financially.

IRA Stock Equity Allocations Are On the Rise

According to new research conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), owners of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) increased their stock equity allocations in 2013—the most recent year for which data are available—as compared with the three years prior.

Retirement Plans 101

When it comes to retirement planning, the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. Individuals may be able to participate in employer-sponsored plans, and they may also have their own separate retirement savings. Today and tomorrow, business consultant and HR Daily Advisor contributor Bridget Miller provides the basics on the various retirement benefit plans that employers may […]

The Key Elements of a Profit-Sharing Plan

Yesterday, John Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services explained some of the background on profit-sharing plans, the 3 steps to establishing a deferred plan, and 4 of the steps involved in executing it. Today, we present the remaining 5 execution steps.

Are Your Employees Stressing over Taxes?

April 15 is commonly known as Tax Day, because that’s when most people’s federal and/or state income taxes are due. As such, your employees may be experiencing extra stress at this time of year. Consider offering them the benefit of financial wellness training by using basic tax training information in today’s Advisor.

Ruling Underscores Limits to Plan Participant Remedies

Sometimes an employer may delay transfers of payroll deductions to employees’ retirement accounts. That’s a breach of fiduciary responsibility, but a recent decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts may offer them some comfort. Managing retirement plan administration can be a burden for busy small business owners who aren’t financial professionals. […]