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What Is Degree Inflation, and How Does It Hurt Job Applicants and Employers?

Many can relate to finding their dream job online but, after scrolling through the job description, discovering they lack a required qualification. It could be years of experience, type of experience, certification, licensure, or education, for example. The Barrier of Education Requirements For more than 100 million American workers without a college degree, a degree […]

Job Applicants Direct Messaging Recruiters

The traditional job application process, characterized by submitting CVs or formal résumés and waiting for a response, is being challenged by a more modern, proactive approach. As the digital landscape evolves, jobseekers are increasingly leveraging direct messaging (DM) to connect with recruiters and hiring managers. But is this bold move effective, or does it risk […]

4 Recruitment Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

Anyone in HR knows this is a difficult time to be a recruiter. Whether you blame it on the downward-trending economy, the Great Resignation, or the number of companies desperate for labor, the fact is, the power balance right now rests in the hands of talent. Finding the right employees for open positions at your […]


AI’s Growing Role as a Gatekeeper for Job Applicants

There have always been gatekeepers in the job application process. Applicants might be afraid that a résumé screener sitting at a desk will discard their application because of an errant typo. Or, jobseekers in the first round of an interview with a company may feel like the HR recruiter just doesn’t seem to like them.

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Where Are All the Job Applicants?

There may be more jobs available today than there are applicants to fill them. This is a frustrating scenario for employers. Organizations trying to grow, or even simply keep up with current demand, are finding it more and more difficult to keep employees, and they’re finding it’s more and more difficult to find new employees […]


New research urges a rethinking of 4-year degree requirements

When designing a recruiting and hiring process, few employers would intentionally build a system that automatically excludes qualified candidates. But new research indicates that’s what sometimes happens with employers seeking middle-skills workers. Such a system hurts not just the jobseeker but also the employer hoping to attract and retain productive employees from a variety of […]

Does your organization suffer from ‘hiring snooze’?

by Samuel D. Kerr We’ve all heard the common saying “You snooze, you lose.” Put another way, if you don’t pay attention and do something right away, someone else will do it before you can and enjoy the benefit. Taking too long to complete the hiring process can have the same effect.  Laws that may […]

There is a hole where my HR job was!

by Katrina Messier While I can’t say that I didn’t see this layoff coming, I didn’t think it would happen as soon as it did. I was laid off October 31, 2015, from a job in the restaurant industry where I was the V.P. of Human Resources for more than 16 years. What I didn’t […]

Employers starting to see resume gaps as not so bad after all

Employers once considered a gap in employment as justification for tossing a résumé on the rejection heap. Workers deciding to leave promising careers were thought to lack drive. Plus, while they were on a break, the workplace was changing, leaving them out of the loop and behind the times. But a growing number of employers […]

‘Ban-the-box’ movement making its way across the country

by Tara Eberline Individuals from Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, to former President Bill Clinton have contended that people are more than the worst thing they have ever done. It is a sentiment that many people desire—at least when viewing their own foibles. And now some employers across the country are using […]