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Hey boss! Get ready, be smart, and do the right thing

by Phillip S. Oberrecht You have an important position to fill. You have narrowed the applicant pool to a manageable number. It’s time to conduct interviews, and you need the best person for the job. What can you do to conduct the best interview possible?  The company’s needs, résumés, and social media The first step […]

Fake job references—what’s the world coming to?!

by Dan Oswald The other day I heard about a company that provides fake references for job applicants, renters, and others. And from what I understand, the length it goes to in order to “lie” on behalf of its clients is unbelievable—even if the references it provides are believable. This company will provide you with […]

Don’t forget to vet those résumés

by Stacey Rose Harris If you are like most HR professionals, you are inundated with résumés from applicants looking for jobs at your company. Sifting through the summaries of job applicants’ credentials and experience can be a Herculean task. When you find the perfect applicant with a stellar background, your efforts may seem worthwhile. Unfortunately, […]

Applicants seeking answers: What’s an employer’s obligation to job seekers?

by Tammy Binford The tough job market of recent years has brought employers a flood of resumes and applications. The volume can be overwhelming in the HR office, but behind all those appeals for employment are real people—usually anxious and sometimes desperate people—who crave information about where they stand in the process and when a […]

Exploring the trickier aspects of hiring: What kills an applicant’s chances?

A few questions to consider about the hiring process: Is it the most rewarding aspect of an HR professional’s job? Is it a thorny task fraught with legal risk? Is it an exercise in frustration, frequently yielding undesirable candidates? For many HR pros, the answer to all three questions is likely yes. The economic downturn […]

Appalling Reference Issue HR Pros Should Watch Out For

by Michael B. Leahy Recently, our colleagues in California brought a shady — and possibly criminal — Web-based reference service to our attention. What we saw shocked us. HR Guide to Employment Law: A practical compliance reference manual covering 14 topics, including hiring Every excuse in the book! CareerExcuse.com supplies fraudulent job references to employers […]

Behavioral Interviewing: Getting the Best Answers from Job Applicants

Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths? How about your weaknesses? Maybe those questions sound familiar. Maybe you hear the same phrases come out of your own mouth every time you conduct a job interview. And maybe you’re missing something. Mastering HR: Hiring Traditional vs. behavioral interviewing techniques If you’re frustrated by the lack […]

The Facebook Generation: Social Networking and the Hiring Process

Imagine that you’re a hiring representative for your employer (in this case, a Burger King restaurant), and you’ve just discovered how to use MySpace. You decide to check the profiles of the employees who work the midnight shift. While perusing one employee’s profile, you notice a link to a video. As you click on it, […]

Understanding the Power of Employment Waivers

by Jonathan Hauer Some people are just plain trouble. Take me, for instance. I was born with two left feet and 10 thumbs. I make a bull in a china shop look graceful. I am, if you didn’t catch my oh-so-subtle hints, clumsy. You can tell this just by looking at me — and the […]