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Why It’s Time to Remove Barriers from Hourly Hiring

Hourly workers across the nation are fed up, and they’ve made it known. Millions have quit their jobs in a mass movement that’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” contributing to the current labor shortage for employers reliant on hourly employees. As a result, many of these businesses are shortening operating hours, closing their doors and […]

False assumptions, ill-advised questions just a few hiring hazards to avoid

Ever finish interviewing a job candidate and wonder if you’ve asked enough questions—or maybe asked too many? Worse, do you wonder what problematic questions others involved in the hiring process may have asked? The human resources department probably trains managers on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, but in spite of that training, hiring managers […]

More HR Form Hacks

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Miranda Nicholson, talent department manager for Formstack, shared the first three of her seven “hacks” for HR forms. Today, Nicholson provides her final four hacks to help you manage workflow and save time.

‘Ban-the-box’ movement making its way across the country

by Tara Eberline Individuals from Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, to former President Bill Clinton have contended that people are more than the worst thing they have ever done. It is a sentiment that many people desire—at least when viewing their own foibles. And now some employers across the country are using […]

Don’t forget to vet those résumés

by Stacey Rose Harris If you are like most HR professionals, you are inundated with résumés from applicants looking for jobs at your company. Sifting through the summaries of job applicants’ credentials and experience can be a Herculean task. When you find the perfect applicant with a stellar background, your efforts may seem worthwhile. Unfortunately, […]

Hiring essentials: tips for applications and interviewing

by Steve Jones Many federal employment laws can apply to the hiring process. Even if you are a small business that may not fall under the rules because of a limited number of employees, it’s always recommended that you follow legally compliant policies from the start. When hiring an employee, you should consider both your […]

What can I ask on a job application?

by Robert P. Tinnin, Jr. With the national and local economic downturn, an increasing number of unsuccessful job applicants are filing discrimination charges, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and state law enforcement agencies are examining job applications more closely for evidence of unlawful bias. The focus of these agencies has not radically changed, […]

Tips for HR to Manage an Overload of Resumes and Avoid Legal Issues

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, many companies have downsized or implemented hiring freezes, and everyone seems to be looking for a job. The current economic climate has created an employer’s market for most organizations. Although it’s desirable to have many candidates for open positions, human resources pros may be drowning in the deluge of resumes pouring […]