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5 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

2023 marked an important year for hiring managers, as it brought challenges with labor shortages, looming retirements, and a demand for evolving skills for small to medium sized businesses. But this year, the tide is turning. CEOs of smaller businesses are remaining optimistic about the future of hiring in the coming months due to a […]


Is Breadcrumbing the New Ghosting?

Providing jobseekers with a positive hiring experience is vital for your company’s brand and reputation. Jobseekers are like consumers: If they have a bad experience, they will not hesitate to tell their family and friends all about how your company failed. Even worse, the scorned jobseeker can also take to social media and job boards […]


Pros and Cons of Posting All Jobs

As soon as our teams are ready to transition back to a closer-to-normal routine, many organizations will be considering how to start recruiting again. The primary method of recruiting is posting a job on various online locations. But this isn’t the only option. Let’s take a look at other methods and review some pros and […]

4 Ways to Make Your Workplace Attractive to New Hires

Matt Jacobson, a paralegal research analyst with Brann & Isaacson—a Maine-based employment law firm—answers the following question from a Maine employer and offers four insights on how to attract and retain workers.

How to Get More Applicants

As the job market tightens up, employers are looking for ways to attract more candidates to be sure they have a good group of applicants to choose from in any given vacancy. But more and more, employers are finding that jobs are attracting fewer applicants than before, simply because there are fewer jobseekers out there […]

Recruiting Technology: Help or Hindrance?

HR managers and recruiters both understand that applicants are spending most of their time looking at job boards like Indeed® and CareerBuilder®. Additionally, applicants are interested in specific companies and spend their time on those companies’ career websites.

Finding Your People: A Unique Hiring Approach from a Foldable Kayak Maker

When you hear about a company that builds foldable kayaks, your first thought probably isn’t, “Neat, how do they hire people?” However, in conversations with other entrepreneurs, we’ve learned that our approach to hiring is like our product – handmade and wildly different from the norm.

The Results Are in for Our Annual Recruiting Survey!

Our very first research report, way back in 2015, was a recruiting survey. We’ve come quite a way since then, and are happy to introduce the results to our 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey! Let’s take a look at the results.