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How to Get More Applicants

As the job market tightens up, employers are looking for ways to attract more candidates to be sure they have a good group of applicants to choose from in any given vacancy. But more and more, employers are finding that jobs are attracting fewer applicants than before, simply because there are fewer jobseekers out there […]

Recruiting Technology: Help or Hindrance?

HR managers and recruiters both understand that applicants are spending most of their time looking at job boards like Indeed® and CareerBuilder®. Additionally, applicants are interested in specific companies and spend their time on those companies’ career websites.


2017 Annual Recruiting Survey

The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey in January 2017. Recruiting is one of the hottest issues for HR professionals (and recruiters, of course) largely thanks to an improving economy and low unemployment rates. We wanted to take a snapshot of the recruiting landscape with this survey. Check out some […]

Do You Actively Recruit Passive Candidates?

As the unemployment rate inches further downward and positions are taking longer to fill, many employers are looking for new and innovative ways to reach the best talent. One option that is increasing in popularity is searching for passive candidates—individuals who may not be directly looking for a new job, but who would be open […]

Social media recruiting basics from an expert

Social media recruiting is of growing importance as more and more candidates position themselves online through social media profiles. During the past few years, social media has crept into our lives and workplaces, and its presence is now as ubiquitous as any other news medium.

Bulletin Item: EEOC Proposes New Regulations Defining Who Is A Job Applicant For Purposes Of E-cruiting

As online recruiting has rapidly accelerated in the past decade, employers have grappled with whether they have to consider every single resume that comes in as an application, even if it wasn’t submitted for a specific job opening. Now the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released proposed new recordkeeping guidance clarifying who is […]