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Integrating ATS and Social Recruiting: A Match Made in Heaven

There are a lot of different ways to go about recruiting talent for your business and even more tools to use in the process.


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Strategies can be as variant as employer branding and college recruiting, and tools can range from candidate relationship management to employee referral software. While the options can be a bit overwhelming, more often than not, those methods and tools complement each other quite nicely, especially social recruiting and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Social Recruiting Automation

Social recruiting is a recruitment strategy that uses different social media channels to attract, find, and hire new talent for your business. Essentially, it involves advertising open positions at your company on social media platforms and providing ways for potential candidates to reach you through those channels. It’s a great way to make your recruiting efforts even more successful.

While social media is meant to be brief, handling a lot of different channels at once can be tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes a bit overwhelming. For social recruiting to work for your business, consistency and efficiency are your best bets. That’s where ATS come in.

An ATS is a software tool that can automate and streamline any strategy used for both the recruiting and the hiring process, including social recruiting.

Benefits of Automating Social Recruiting

Automating any part of your recruiting process has plenty of benefits. For now, let’s go over the ones associated with social media recruiting.

Straightforward Application Process

The beauty of doing things online is accessibility. Moving from one page to another can be done with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger.

With ATS-integrated social recruiting, applicants don’t need to navigate from the social media posting to the company’s website. The application process can be made as seamless as possible. All the jobseeker has to do is follow the prompts of the social media post to apply for an opening.

Mobile Access

People nowadays have a lot of downtime, and a lot of it is spent on social media. In fact, according to Statista, the average person spends nearly 2 ½ hours on social media every day, and nearly 80% of that time is on a mobile device.

That says a lot about the importance of automating social recruiting. Imagine missing an opportunity to be seen by the talent your company needs because you weren’t using the right tools.

The mobile integration of ATS and social recruiting allows your candidates to apply from anywhere at any time of the day, giving you more exposure and attracting more talent.

Widened Reach

Even though not all candidates can be winners, you want as many eyes on your job posting as possible. All it takes is one special pair of eyes to be intrigued by your opening, and you can have a shiny new contributor on your team.

Job boards are a great tool for listing open positions, but using an automated social recruiting system will widen that reach even more.

The key factors in this are the different types of people who will end up applying at your company. There are active jobseekers, who look at job boards, and passive ones, who stumble upon listings and then apply. And what better place to stumble upon a job listing than on social media?

By posting on job boards and automating social listings, you will reach both of those groups.

Boost in Referrals

Chances are, some of the most talented members of your team know people on the outside who could also make great contributors to your company.

ATS software is a great way for employees to refer talent to your company, and sharing openings on social media is an easy way for them to get the word out.

Better Candidate Tracking

Once the applications start rolling in, keeping them in order is another job in itself. Without a proper system or the proper software in place, you could lose track of key candidates. Getting that system down can take time, but ATS software will nail one down for you.

A key benefit of ATS being integrated in social recruiting is the ability to store and organize important candidate data on one centralized platform. They are easy to find, and because everything is automated, the system keeps track of the data, and they are no longer at risk of being lost.

Final Thoughts

ATS can automate almost every part of your social recruiting strategy. Editing copy, posting listings on multiple platforms, and screening applicants who come through social media can be done seamlessly. If you are looking to boost your hiring efforts and optimize the process, integrating ATS and social recruiting can get you there.

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