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Shifting from Manager to Leader

The best leaders know when to manage and when to lead, shifting seamlessly depending on the present demands. They read the situation and behave in a way that is most impactful for both the team and the organization. This adaptability stems from the recognition that there are suitable contexts for both management and leadership, making […]

What We Learned From … HR Leadership Week 2023

We’ve enjoyed a full week of online events and digital resources about leadership. As this year’s HR Leadership Week comes to a close, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from the event’s discussions and resources. Monday Featured Article | Are You Listening, Really Listening, to Your Employees? As employee engagement has become a growing […]

3 New Habits to Eradicate Meeting Madness and Improve Team Communication

Great teamwork is more essential now than ever. Today’s teams face increasingly complicated challenges, and their success is contingent on efficiently and effectively working together. In other words, the core fundamentals of group collaboration and proper “enabling conditions” can still give teams a competitive advantage.


Business Leaders: Take a Page Out of the Emergency Management Playbook

In a crisis, the nuances of a situation change quickly. Emergency managers operate in a constantly evolving landscape, always trying to anticipate, identify, understand, and solve problems before they become untenable. They rely on people who are distributed across the region and only loosely connected to see and solve the problems they are facing.


Striking the Balance to Keep Goals Both Meaningful and Achievable

An ambitious team or company goals are great ways to get the organization fired up at the beginning of the relevant period. But staff will understandably be let down—and bosses, shareholders, and other stakeholders will understandably get upset—if those goals aren’t consistently met. At the same time, setting goals that are underwhelming and easily achievable […]