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Quantitative vs. Qualitative Metrics in Training Evaluation

In the quest for effective training, evaluation stands as the compass, guiding organizations toward success. But when considering training evaluation, a debate often arises: Should we rely on quantitative metrics—hard data—or delve into more qualitative, nuanced feedback? The answer lies in a combination of both. Understanding Quantitative Metrics Quantitative metrics offer concrete data—think test scores, […]

Frequently Overlooked Topics in Employee Training

Training and development teams have improved exponentially in recent years, in large part because organizations increasingly see the value of employee training and development and have increasingly allocated funding to support those efforts. While those tasked with training and development have made great strides, there’s still work to do because of the ever-changing nature of […]

The 3 Factors That Make or Break Employee Commitment

The question left me stumped. Despite my nearly 20 years of experience teaching leaders how to cultivate commitment in the workplace, the podcast host conducting the interview caught me off guard with his final question. After a rich 30-minute discussion of all the experiences employees must have at work to trigger commitment, he wanted to […]

The Road to a Healthy Work Culture: 5 Powerful Allies for Rooting Out Toxic Behaviors

A healthy and meaningful work culture is powerful and can really help your business succeed. Its absence, however, can lead to a dysfunctional environment that drains employees. If you want your organization to succeed, it’s essential that you shape a positive workplace culture that boosts teamwork and morale; improves retention levels; enhances productivity; and, most […]

How HR Can Build ERGs to Help Introverts Thrive

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging at organizations. What isn’t discussed as often is the role that human resource leaders play in helping ERGs thrive. At 84.51°, a retail data science, media and insights company, I launched ITOPiA, an ERG, or what we call a […]

The Elusiveness of L&D ROI

One of the biggest challenges learning and development (L&D) professionals face is showing management there was a return on their investment (ROI). Sure, good L&D teams can point to concrete and important achievements like fewer accidents and higher scores on employee satisfaction surveys. But at the end of the day, companies are in business to […]

Evaluating Recent Grad Skill Levels

For employers anxiously watching the labor market for signs the pool of available talent is getting larger, recent high school and college graduates are an important demographic. Every year brings millions of new high school and college graduates to the workforce, representing a potentially lucrative pool of labor for employers to recruit from. But do […]

The Impact of L&D on Revenue

It’s hard to dispute the benefits of employee training. Employees who are better trained tend to adhere more closely to company policies, be more up to date on key skills, be better communicators, and have a greater sense of commitment to their employers than employees who aren’t offered training. Investments in Training Lagging Still, so […]

Work Schedules: The Secret to Improved Employee Morale and Retention

Work schedules do more than merely dictate when employees clock in and out. Employers must understand that schedules are a powerful tool that can empower employees, enhance their morale, and improve retention rates. This was further emphasized in our recent report, The State of the Hourly Worker, which revealed that 79% of shift workers agree […]

Sage Advice to Help Women Grads Successfully Navigate the World of Work

Each year when eager grads launch into the exciting unknowns of new careers, I inevitably receive requests for guidance on how young women can best overcome the myriad obstacles they’re likely to find in the workplace.  After years in Fortune 500 leadership and as the founder of a leadership development firm dedicated to women’s advancement […]