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Alt-Right Protests: Guidance for HR on Employees’ Off-Duty Conduct

The actions of employees can put their employers in a bad light, and that presents HR with a problem. If the employer chooses to fire an employee who engages in off-duty conduct that goes against the employer’s values, will there be legal trouble? Possibly, according to attorneys focusing on employment matters, but a dismissal can […]

Mixing Diversity, Inclusion, and Business Objectives for a Better Bottom Line

New research shows that 70 percent of organizations surveyed are missing out on benefits associated with leading talent activities. It turns out that if you combine diversity and inclusion practices with your company goals, you stand to make a lot more money. Organizations that align diversity and inclusion practices to business objectives are more likely […]

Bonus Compensation: A Matter of Discretion

By Angelo D. Catalano, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP Incentive or bonus-based compensation can create many thorny issues. While some year-end bonuses resemble gifts from the boss, especially if they’re paid around holiday time, other bonuses are intended to be incentives tied to performance by a group or an individual.

FLSA: Illinois Window-Cleaning Company Sparkles in Overtime Exemption Ruling

By Steven L. Brenneman of Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll, LLP Are workers who wash the windows of Chicago’s high-rises paid by commission? Is their employer a retail or service establishment? A recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit—which covers Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin—answered those questions in ways that might […]

Divorcing Employee? Former Spouse May Elect to Continue Group Coverage

Yesterday, attorney Kathryn Grigg of Axley Brynelson, LLP, explained employers’ obligations to offer health insurance continuation and conversion benefits to an employee’s former spouse and dependents following a divorce. Today, she’ll discuss how the election to continue coverage works—and the circumstances under which that coverage may be terminated early.

Foreseeable Leave, Intermittent Leave, and More

Yesterday, attorney Michelle Lee Flores of the Los Angeles office of Fisher & Phillips, LLP, started her rundown of top FMLA, CFRA, and PDL compliance tips for California employers. Today, the rest of her list—plus an invitation to a new webinar you won’t want to miss.

Telecommuting—Top 10 Tips for Success

Would (or does) telecommuting work for you? Yahoo® and Best Buy® curbed it; meanwhile, Cisco® reported it improved retention and saved $277 million. In today’s Advisor, attorneys Deanna Brinkerhoff and Cathleen Yonahara offer ten practical tips for your telecommuting program.

Real-Life Learning Competitions for Young Learners

Deloitte, LLP, which was named “#1 Private Company for Leadership Development” by Chief Executive magazine early this year, sponsors a variety of competitions that provide learning opportunities for college students and bolster the firm’s recruiting efforts. In January, a team of University of Wisconsin students went up against eight finalist teams from other colleges and […]