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Early Warning Signs of Union Organizing

How do you know if a union is trying to organize your employees? Speaking at BLR’s National Employment Law Update in Las Vegas (Oct. 27-29, 2010) attorney Mark Ricciardi, managing partner of the Las Vegas office of Fisher & Phillips, LLP, gave attendees a checklist for identifying the signs of an organizational campaign:

Harassment: What Is the Best Response When I Get a ‘Hint’ That Inappropriate Behavior Is Occurring in the Workplace?

I’ve gotten hints and heard rumors through the grapevine about inappropriate activity going on in my company. In one case, a manager is allegedly “hitting on” a subordinate, and in another case, apparently employees are making fun of a co-worker on their project team because she is African-American. I don’t have any evidence or corroboration, […]

Workplace Relationships: What Do We Do About a Married Employee Who May Be Romantically Involved with the Cleaning Woman?

Many of our employees believe that their married co-worker—I’ll call him “Bob”—is having a romantic relationship with a woman who cleans our offices. This woman works for a cleaning company we’ve hired to come in three times a week. I’ve received complaints about their public displays of affection (although I’m not sure about the details) […]

Drug Policy Should Require Workers to Inform You When They’re Impaired

Drug Policy Should Require Workers to Inform You When They’re Impaired In light of California’s new law legalizing medical marijuana use discussed in the accompanying story, now is a good time to take a look at your current drug and alcohol policies to make sure they cover situations where your employees’ work could be affected […]