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Early Warning Signs of Union Organizing

How do you know if a union is trying to organize your employees? Speaking at BLR’s National Employment Law Update in Las Vegas (Oct. 27-29, 2010) attorney Mark Ricciardi, managing partner of the Las Vegas office of Fisher & Phillips, LLP, gave attendees a checklist for identifying the signs of an organizational campaign:

Harassment: What Is the Best Response When I Get a ‘Hint’ That Inappropriate Behavior Is Occurring in the Workplace?

I’ve gotten hints and heard rumors through the grapevine about inappropriate activity going on in my company. In one case, a manager is allegedly “hitting on” a subordinate, and in another case, apparently employees are making fun of a co-worker on their project team because she is African-American. I don’t have any evidence or corroboration, […]

Workplace Relationships: What Do We Do About a Married Employee Who May Be Romantically Involved with the Cleaning Woman?

Many of our employees believe that their married co-worker—I’ll call him “Bob”—is having a romantic relationship with a woman who cleans our offices. This woman works for a cleaning company we’ve hired to come in three times a week. I’ve received complaints about their public displays of affection (although I’m not sure about the details) […]