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The Changing Nature of Work

The labor market has undergone many fundamental shifts over the course of human history. The transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, the transition from agriculture to widespread factory work, and the shift from industrial labor to the information economy represent some of the most important headlines in this millennia-old trend. Employers and HR professionals […]

The Normalization of Job Hopping

Workers no longer expect to stay with companies for their lifetimes. In fact, it’s increasingly common for employees to stick around for as little as a year before moving on to a new role, where they also expect to have a short tenure. It’s a practice long known as “job hopping,” although the stigma once […]

The 3 Leadership Imperatives: As the Leader Thinketh

This is the first in a series of three articles dedicated to the wonderful men and women who likely have not read the latest bestseller on leadership but still get up every morning committed to making a real difference in the work, careers, and lives of others. This series will explore the universal, timeless principles […]


Embrace Your Inner Whistleblower! (And Fight Retaliation Claims)

From one perspective, whistleblowing is an act of justice by a self-sacrificing hero, says Dr. Ken Broda‐Bahm; but from the other perspective, it’s the ultimate betrayal by a divisive malcontent. Once you understand that, Broda-Bahm adds, you can move your culture to a place where whistleblowers are much less of a threat.

The heart of a king—but the incredible leadership of a queen

by Dan Oswald When Queen Elizabeth I ascended to the throne in 1558, England was, in a word, a mess. The country was struggling financially with runaway inflation and a debased currency. It was a cultural wasteland that was far behind other countries when comparing achievements in literature and the arts. And it was a […]

Technology on vacation

R&R Necessary for Healthy, Productive Work Life

Summer is here and in full swing. It’s time for baseball, picnics and vacations. So, what do you do for “R&R”? Rest and relaxation are important ingredients to maintaining a healthy and productive work life. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Not “ha ha” funny, but a little strange to say that rest and relaxation are critical […]

Why do people work for you

Why Do People Work for You?

Have you ever asked yourself why people work for you? Have you ever even stopped to think about why anyone would choose to work for you? It might not be something that’s ever crossed your mind. But stop and think about it for a minute. Why you? People go to work for a company for […]

Loyalty Unchecked Leads to Headaches and Heartache

Legendary college football coach Joe Paterno died on Sunday after a battle with lung cancer. But by many accounts, some people who knew him well say the 85-year-old died of a broken heart. I think Joe Paterno’s career at Penn State University is worth closer examination because there are lessons for employers and employees alike. […]

3 Leadership Lessons from Penn State Debacle

If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of hearing about the whole Jerry Sandusky/Penn State sex abuse case. Sick of it, first and foremost, because the thought of what Sandusky allegedly did to those young boys, and the evidence appears overwhelming, is enough to make you physically ill. And sick of it because the 24-hour […]