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Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t

M. Lee Smith President Dan Oswald reviews the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. Review highlight’s books theories on leadership, people (employees), discipline, and technology in business. Of all the business books I’ve read throughout my career, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t has had the greatest influence […]

The Job – Somewhat Revisited

Almost time for the season opener! Be sure to tune in next week for my recap of what promises to be a hilarious show. As for today, business calls and I’m in New Orleans with a malfunctioning computer. I’m re-posting my earlier post from the season finale. More to follow just as soon as my […]

“The Coup” Revisited

Litigation Value: $65,000 (but could have been much more) Having Dwight stand on his desk with the word “liar” hanging from his neck is not what I would consider the most effective method of employee discipline. Nor was tricking him into believing that he got Michael fired. But, without more, Michael’s actions may not be […]

The Job

LITIGATION VALUE: $50,000 (with the potential for a whole lot more) So Creed has joined the millions of people blogging at (and about) work. I’d say that this could definitely cause trouble for Dunder Mifflin when Creed eventually learns how to post his musings on something more than a Microsoft Word document. Believe it or […]

The “Newpeats”

LITIGATION VALUE: STILL 300,000+ (for the time being. . . ) I don’t think that the “newpeats” introduced any new story lines that would significantly increase the litigation value for these episodes – for the time being. It would, after all, be harder to make things much worse. Having a regional manager tell a Hispanic […]