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Big No-No: Questioning Employees about Their Retirement Plans

Q We have an employee who is about to turn 65. He has been with the company about 10 years. He is very negative about the organization and has created the same negativity in his two direct reports. In all honesty, we would like him to retire because of the toxic attitude. May we ask […]

Benefits beyond age 65?

By Marc Rodrigue The laws that generally provided for mandatory retirement in Canada have been eliminated. Across Canada, with very few exceptions, employees generally cannot be forced to retire at age 65. But can their benefits be cut off at age 65? Even if employers are permitted to cut off benefits to workers 65 and […]

Managing the end to mandatory retirement

by Keri Bennett As we reported previously, the Canadian federal government is about to join most of the provinces in making mandatory retirement, for the most part, unlawful. That deadline is fast approaching – December 15, 2012. What can employers do until then? According to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, very little. Human Rights Commission […]

Older worker at desk

Linking performance problems to age is a dangerous practice

Employers may be experiencing the nagging dread of age discrimination more frequently these days. Simultaneous to the surge of baby boomers reaching retirement age comes the decision by many to delay their exit from the workforce, setting up a perfect legal storm centered on age discrimination. Employees who saw their retirement nest eggs dwindle during […]

Another Gong Sounds for the End to Mandatory Retirement

By Ralph N. Nero and Keri L. Bennett Following the earlier lead of many Canadian provinces, the federal government has now outlawed mandatory retirement for federally regulated employers such as banks, telecommunications companies, airlines, and railways. Like many provincial governments have done, the federal government has repealed provisions under the Canadian Human Rights Act that […]

Benefits for Older Employees: Can They Be Excluded?

By Lindsey Taylor As we have discussed in previous editions, mandatory retirement across Canada is becoming a relic of the past. And employers are beginning to face the ripple effects. One of those ripple effects is benefits entitlement: Can Canadian employees over 65 be excluded from benefits? The answer isn’t clear. As a handful of […]

Mandatory Retirement Being Retired across Canada

Mandatory retirement has a long and storied history as part of the Canadian labor system. As we enter 2010, it appears that a new chapter is being written, one in which mandatory retirement is the exception rather than the norm. In Canada, mandatory retirement developed along with the introduction of private and public pension plans. […]

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Litigation Value: $600,000 (eventually) One day soon, when all is said and done, Ryan’s comments are going to cost Dunder Mifflin about $600,000. Maybe more. Managers really should know better than to tell employees that the company is launching a new technology initiative for a “younger” and “more agile” company. They really should know better […]