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Ask the Expert: California Meal Period Rules and ‘Premium Pay’

In the state of California, if an hourly associate works 6.5 hours without a meal period, what does the company owe them? I have an associate claiming she should be receiving an hour of extra pay for any shift where she did not receive a meal period before her 5th hour. She is also asking […]

Exceptions to meal period requirements in California

In California, meal periods for employees must be at least 30 minutes by law, and the employee must be fully relieved of all work during that meal period. The meal period may be unpaid, and it has to be taken within the first 5 hours of the shift. These requirements apply for any workday in […]

California employee misses rest break or meal period: What happens?

What are the consequences for a California employer if an employee misses meal periods or rest breaks? The primary consequence is that premium pay is now due. Premium pay is assessed at one hour of regular wages for each day in which there is a violation. In addition to the premium pay penalty, there are […]

Meal Periods

This meal period deal is driving me nuts. The workers on our assembly line usually work 6-hour shifts. Most of the crew want to work through the meal break, and we’d like that too—more productivity. But we have a few who insist on their meal break. And we can’t run the assembly line without the […]