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Suicide and Your Workplace: Lifesaving Advice for HR Pros

Editor’s Note: May is Mental Health Awareness month, throughout the month we will feature insights and best practices to help HR professionals accommodate workers with mental health issues. Today’s focus is on suicide prevention and next week we’ll be covering this topic more in-depth in our HR Works podcast, stay tuned!


Mental Health Means Everyone, Not Just the Mentally Disabled

In a recent episode of HR Works Podcast, we addressed the serious issue of mental health with expert Eric Kussin, the founder of We Are All A Little Crazy: a 501c3 dedicated to making sure that everyone in the workplace is accepted, heard when they want to be, and safe. In this episode, Kussin tells […]

Take a Proactive Approach to Workplace Mental Health

Fair warning: this may be an uncomfortable topic. However, it is important to bring it to light. Mental illness has touched everyone on some level, and it reaches into the workplace, too. Because May is Mental Health Awareness month, there is no time like the present to make this subject a priority at your place […]