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Promising or perilous? Exploring the future of Millennials in the workplace

More than a few HR professionals have combed the Internet, consulted their peers, and examined their own experiences as they search for a crystal ball capable of revealing the future of the millennial generation in the workplace. Some HR pros see enormous potential in well-educated, confident, passionate, energetic, and collaborative team players, while others see […]

Getting the most from Gen Y: Research delves into the Millennial mindset

by Tammy Binford Consider the modern workforce: The up-and-coming Gen Y Millennials sit alongside Gen Xers, baby boomers, and even a few 70-and-older workers who’ve decided to delay retirement or skip it altogether. Researchers tout an era when four distinct groups inhabit the workplace—those born in 1945 and before, the boomers born from 1946-1964, Generation […]

How to Match Millenials with Mentors: Part 2

Last month, Allison Duke discussed the unique aspects of the Millennial workforce and the benefits of having a traditional mentoring program for these workers. Since Millenials aren’t traditional workers, this month, she explores other ways of structuring your mentoring program, starting with . . . Reverse Mentoring With reverse mentoring, Millennials are matched with executives […]

How to Match Millennials with Mentors: Part 1

By Allison Burgess Duke As a college professor, I am asked constantly how to deal with the work ethic (or lack thereof) and the entitled attitudes of Millennials, the newest generation entering the workplace. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are those individuals born after 1980 ― the first generation to come of age […]