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9 Essentials Your Workplace Learning Apps Need in 2019

Mobile learning will continue to trend upward at a staggering pace inside and across workplaces in 2019, and it is currently projected to be worth $37.6 billion by 2020. And one of the mobile learning trends that will dominate in 2019 in particular is app-based learning.


3 Things to Do When Mobile Learning Distracts Rather Than Develops

Did you know that 47% of organizations are already using mobile devices in their training programs? Experts are also currently predicting that the mobile learning market will be worth $37.6 billion by 2020. And there’s no surprise that it’s taking off because of its many benefits and because it’s effective.

E-Learning 101–Basic Things Professionals Need to Know (Part 1)

E-learning has grown over 900% in the past 16 years due to advances in technology and has increased the revenue of over 42% of the organizations that have adopted it.1 There’s no question that organizations are adopting e-learning practices, methods, and technology in droves and that they’re reaping real benefits from it. But do they […]