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Talking to Your CFO—Critical Skill

HR tends to avoid CFOs and knows little about them, says consultant Karl J. Ahlrichs, SPHR. CFOs are often reclusive and cautious, but you are not going to be successful if you can’t sell ideas to the CFO. Why is the relationship with the CFO so important? CFOs often have the final approval of HR/compensation […]

Never Say Never, and Never Say These 4 Things

[Go here for killer phrases 1 to 6.] 7. AVOID: “… don’t you think?”  Or, “… isn’t it?” Or “… okay?”  To convey a confident commanding presence, eliminate validation questions. Make your statement or recommendation with certainty and avoid tacking on the unnecessary approval-seeking question.  Don’t say, “This would be a good investment, don’t you […]

SMART Goal-Setting—Key to Pay for Performance

Making Sense of Goals and Objectives Neelman offers the following suggestions for making goals and objectives truly helpful: Make performance management an important aspect of a manager’s evaluation. Limit evaluations to critical goals that employees can impact. Three to five goals is usually most appropriate. No more. Goals should enhance the employee’s performance in his […]

Comp Philosophy? Yes, You Must Have One

Yes, it’s worth the time and focus on your compensation philosophy, because it is the basis for everything you do in compensation. You need to get it to paper so execs, managers, and employees understand, says Rizzuti. Rizzuti, who is a principal and senior consultant with Compensation Resources, Inc, in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, […]

ACA Will Make Wellness Even More Important

Your wellness program may get much more important under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says Morris, a member of the firm Epstein Becker Green in its Washington, D.C., office who specializes in benefits. There are already many benefits to wellness programs, but Morris is convinced they will become even more crucial as the ACA unfolds […]

Use PowerPoint® for Effective Learning—not Just Effective Presentation

PowerPoint helps trainers organize and present training content effectively, but it “is a lousy tool for learning, at least when it’s used the way most presenters and trainers use it: as a visual display of lecture notes,” says Sharon L. Bowman, MA, a professional speaker and trainer and president of Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. […]

6 Keys for Living with ISS and Glass Lewis

Lifshey, who is managing director at the New York office of Pearl Meyer & Partners, offered her executive pay tips at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR® and HR Hero®. Overview of New Glass Lewis Protocols Shareholder advisory group Glass Lewis has also made changes in its evaluation process. Effective Date Effective for annual meetings […]

Are You Resolved to Give Wellness Training in 2013?

This exercise is applicable for all employees and comes from one of BLR’s popular HR Training Presentations in PowerPoint® sessions on “Healthy Aging.” The objective of the exercise is to find out how well trainees are meeting the requirements of healthy aging. Instructions: Have trainees complete the worksheet below. (Let them know that this is […]

9 Superstar Qualities of ‘A’ Salespeople (and What to Pay)

Anderson, who offered five dangerous weaknesses of sales people in yesterday’s Advisor, is president of the Selling Skills Institute and developer of the proprietary Shift Thinking Selling Methodology. He asks, How many of those weaknesses are represented on your sales team? Look Only for ‘A’ Players “A” players are not a commodity, says Anderson; you’re […]

How to Spot People Who Can’t Sell

Here are five classic sales weaknesses to be on the lookout for, says Anderson, who is president of the Selling Skills Institute, and developer of the proprietary Shift Thinking Selling Methodology. Weakness #1—Unsupportive Buying Habits People tend to have buy cycles, and those of your candidates are an important indicator. People with short buy cycles […]