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Your Manager’s Worst Sin—Envy, Greed, or Sloth?

[Go here for sins 1 to 4 and a bonus sin] Sin 5. Envy Envy makes managers do things that aren’t appropriate for the company. For example: Gaming the compensation system. For example, giving a higher-than-deserved performance rating in order to award a higher raise to an average employee who is high in the range. […]

But, Jerk, Lazy, I Don’t Have Time, and OK Are Not OK

Go here for numbers 1 to 6 of Price’s phrases to avoid. Price (www.wellsaid.com) is the author of the book Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results. 7. AVOID: “… don’t you think?” and “… isn’t it?” and “… OK?” To convey a confident, commanding presence, eliminate validation questions. Make your statement or recommendation […]

Engagement? Retention? Train and Talk

[ go here for the first three T’s] Training Training is a reward. Top people want to keep their skills up and you need them to believe that the organization cares about keeping employee skills up to date. Development is both a management responsibility and an employee reward. What If We Train and They Leave? […]

The Five Laws that Cause Contingent Worker Challenges

Cooper chairs the labor and employment practice group at law firm Garvey Schubert Barer in Portland, Oregon. Her tips came at a recent BLR-sponsored webinar. Here’s Cooper’s quick rundown of the five legal arenas where you may be exposed to “joint employer” liabilities with contingent workers: 1. Wage and hour laws. While the temp agency […]

Pay Never Goes Down? Another Bad Habit

Carroll is Director of Professional Services and Education at Payscale, Inc.; Lee is Director of Qualitative Analytics. Their remarks came at a recent webinar hosted by WorldatWork. Bad Habit #4. Pay Never Goes Down [Go here for Bad Habits #1, #2, and #3.] Lots of organizations just continue to move things upward, both ranges and […]