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Tip-sharing law set to take effect in New Hampshire

by Jim Reidy A New Hampshire law set to take effect September 3 makes clear that employees who receive tips may pool their tips and share them with coworkers who don’t receive tips. For example, restaurant servers will be free to share tips with hosts and hostesses. Even though Senate Bill 37, which was signed […]

New Hampshire social media privacy law takes effect September 30

by Jeanine Poole New Hampshire employers need to be reviewing their policies regarding employee use of social media and electronic equipment now that a new law protecting employee privacy is set to take effect September 30. The new law prohibits New Hampshire employers from requesting or requiring current or prospective employees to disclose some information […]

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s New Year ‘Tips’ for HR Managers

The act that gained her the most notoriety was her rule that all employees must report to work at the physical office—no more telecommuting. The move was met with disapproval in many quarters (although Donald Trump reportedly approved). Some called it a step backwards for flexibility in the workplace, especially for women, who often count […]

Q&A on Employee Benefits under DOMA Ruling

With the DOMA ruling so recent in our minds, employers have more unanswered employee benefits questions than ever before. Is it now illegal to tax healthcare benefits for a same-sex spouse? How should multi-state employers react if the final ruling comes down that only same-sex couples who reside in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages […]

New Hampshire new-hire reporting requirements changing August 3

by Heather L. Devine New Hampshire House Bill 440, which made several changes and clarifications to new-hire reporting requirements, goes into effect August 3. Most important, the new law requires employers to complete a new-hire report to the Department of Employment Security when a former employee has been rehired (regardless of whether she was laid […]

Scam alert! NHES warns of e-mail identity theft con

by Christopher J. Pyles New Hampshire Employment Security (NHES) has recently become aware of an identity theft scam being directed at employers. NHES is warning that e-mails coming from an address ending in “@detma.org” and using a subject line referring to “time-sensitive material” are being sent to businesses in an effort to obtain employees’ wage […]

Employer access to personal social media accounts may soon be off-limits in New Hampshire

by Jay Surdukowski Sulloway & Hollis, P.L.L.C. On Thursday, June 6, the New Hampshire Senate approved a bill to protect the privacy of employees’ social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But Republicans tacked on an amendment that may doom the bill in the house. Introduced by three Democratic lawmakers, House Bill 414 […]