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Correctly Classifying a Worker as an Independent Contractor

by Tracey A. Cullen It’s no news flash that companies must proceed with caution when classifying someone who provides them with services as an independent contractor. Independent contractors are paid flat fees without tax deductions or employment taxes. Employees are paid salaries subject to withholding, FICA, FUTA, and other employment taxes and are protected under […]

Driving Matters: Cell Phone Laws in Effect Soon

Starting July 1, it will be illegal in California to drive while using a cell phone, unless the phone is equipped with a hands-free device. Also as of July 1, teens under age 18 can’t drive while using a cell phone—even using a hands-free device. Teens also can’t drive while using any other mobile service […]

OSHA Applies to All Businesses

At a top-level management meeting of Unsafe Corporation, located in midtown Manhattan, the newest addition to the legal department, Eager Beaver, inquired into the company’s efforts to ensure Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) compliance. Laughter was heard around the table, punctuated by the CEO chiding, “The OSH Act doesn’t apply to us. Where […]

Dress Codes: Can We Implement a Haircut Policy for Men?

Some of our male employees—our salesmen—have been coming in looking very shaggy, and we’ve even gotten a few customer complaints. We’d like to implement a policy that men have to keep their hair at collar length or shorter. Any problems with this?— Frustrated HR Manager in Fresno

Target Corp. Hit with Child Labor Violation Fines

Target Corporation has paid the U.S. Department of Labor $92,400 in penalties to resolve charges that the retailer exposed young workers to hazardous machinery, in violation of federal child labor standards. The violations occurred at several New York stores and one in New Jersey. In connection with the resolution, Target also provided the DOL with […]

Hiring Employees: EEOC Proposes Definition Of Who’s An Applicant For E-Cruiting Purposes, Part 1; What You Should Know

In response to the meteoric rise of Internet-related high-tech recruiting, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), working with several other federal agencies, has released long-awaited proposed guidelines defining who employers must count as an applicant to comply with federal recordkeeping and affirmative action rules. In this first installment of our two-part series on the […]

E-Alerts: Sexual Orientation Bias: $11 Million Verdict for Gay Manager of Upscale Hotel

A jury in Manhattan, New York, has awarded $11.2 million to the former general manager of Leona Helmsley’s luxury Park Lane Hotel. The worker claimed he was fired because his is gay. Former manager Charles Bell charged that Helmsley embarked on a campaign of harassment against him—and ultimately discharged him after just four months on […]