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No Surprises in Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a key element of any employee training and development process. Frequent feedback is crucial in reinforcing positive behaviors and addressing and correcting negative ones.

Yes, It’s Possible to Do Meaningful Appraisals

No Surprises, Please One of the most cited problems with performance appraisals is the blow to morale and productivity in the time leading up to—and for months after—when the information is delivered. Why? Because employees don’t know what to expect and managers are reluctant to deliver bad news. But, to every extent possible, the contents […]

Appraisals—Worth Doing Right (Yes, It’s Possible)

In a yesterday’s Advisor, BLR Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, explored why the performance review has become so unpopular. Today, her practical advice on making your performance reviews more meaningful, plus an introduction to a unique guide just for smaller—or even one-person—HR departments. No Surprises, Please One of the most-cited problems with performance appraisals is […]