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Canadian Companies Beware: Class Action Worker Misclassification Lawsuits Trending Up

It appears there is a movement in Ontario to change behavior around the classification of employees as independent contractors. Beginning in 2015, a number of class action lawsuits were launched alleging misclassification and claiming significant monetary liability.

Provincial labor force differences across Canada

by Brian P. Smeenk Canada is a diverse country. Its ten provinces and three territories are endowed with varying natural resources and have developed their own industrial infrastructures and labour markets. Nevertheless, education is always a major factor in the ability to find a job. So commences a very interesting, recently published study by Statistics […]

Northern Exposure now with Fasken Martineau

by Brian Smeenk Just as Americans are considering how much change will occur in the context of the current election season, lots of change is happening north of the 49th parallel in the labor and employment field. Not the least of which, from the perspective of this publication, is a change in law firm affiliation. […]

Welcome to Northern Exposure

Welcome to the introductory issue of Northern Exposure. This new e-zine and blog highlights important developments in Canadian labor and employment law and will be of special interest to companies with operations in Canada. In addition to news articles, the blog and e-zine will include practical Employer’s Tips and Q&As to help you better understand […]