Pay Actions: An Introduction for HR Professionals

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about compensation practices that included a brief look at pay approaches including single-rate pay, step-based pay, and a slew of pay differentials. Taking it a step further, this article is about pay actions and explains the types, why they occur, and how they’re communicated to employees.


Compensation Practices: A Brief Look at Job-Based Pay Methods

Simply put, a pay approach is the method an organization uses to deliver base pay to its employees. For example: job-based pay, market-based pay, knowledge/skill-based pay, and experience-based pay are all methods of pay delivery. Which one is the right one? Any of them can be a viable method, depending on the organization’s needs and […]


CER/PCORI Fees—Get Ready to Fund Health Care Research

What Is the Amount of the Fee? The fee is: • $1 times the average covered lives for policy years ending on or after Oct 1, 2012 and ending before Oct 1, 2013; • $2 for policy years ending on or after October 1, 2013 and before October 1, 2014 • $2 plus an adjustment […]


Your Immediate Action Required: Affordable Care Act 2013

Gillihan, who is Counsel in the Atlanta office of Alston & Bird LLP, made his suggestions at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR/HRHero. Complying with the Women’s Health Preventive Care Requirement First of all, employers should already be complying with women’s health preventive care requirements, in effect January 1 for calendar plan years, says Gillilan. […]