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What American Employees Want for the Holidays

A recent survey from HR services provider Randstad US explores workers’ attitudes and preferences about the holiday season in the workplace. Predictably, it finds some employees enjoy the season, while others struggle with workplace merriment.

Employer-sponsored social events: Don’t let liability risks scorch your summer fun

by Angela N. Johnson Summertime usually brings warm, sunny days for making fun-filled memories. For employers, it can be a time for company-organized social events, such as picnics, baseball games, or competitive recreational activities. This article identifies ways to minimize any potential liability arising from such activities.  Social events and alcohol consumption Several states have […]

Adding fun to work can pay off, but be alert to snags

Who doesn’t like a little fun at work? Breaking the monotony with some offsite activities, an office game day, or just a special lunch can provide a restorative break to help hard-working employees get ready to tackle the hard work that’s always waiting.  Fun-at-work proponents tout the benefits of giving employees the chance to get […]

Halloween tips to avoid a total nightmare

It’s that time of year again. Time for Halloween and all the candy, cheesy ghost stories, and inappropriate costumes that come with it. While Halloween can be fun and exciting, the fallout for employers can be all fright. Office Parties. While workplace costume parties can lighten the mood in the office, employers should be proactive […]

Wishing HR a Litigation-Free Office Party

by Craig M. Borowski Employers often use the holiday season to show their appreciation for employees’ hard work and celebrate with employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, however, even an office holiday party planned with the best of intentions can create legal liability for employers or even turn tragic. Drunk driving, inappropriate conduct and behavior, and […]

The Truth About Alcohol at Office Parties

‘Twas the night of the office party, and all through the houses, Employees were getting ready, and so were their spouses. Ties were knotted and straightened with care. Women put on dresses and combed through their hair. The children were ready, all showered and fed And continued to play Xbox until it was time for […]