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What Perks Are Most Important for Today’s Jobseekers?

In an era of increasing globalization and surging demand for highly skilled workers, recruiting and retaining talent can pose a formidable challenge for employers. This challenge is only amplified by the fact that the needs and expectations of today’s workforce are rapidly evolving. But what perks should you offer today’s jobseekers to ensure your company […]

Does Remote Work Mean the Death of Office Perks?

In the Information Age, companies’ most valuable asset is their human capital. Organizations compete aggressively to hire the best and brightest employees because those employees help their company outperform competitors through their ability to innovate and strategize. Therefore, it’s not surprising that companies try to get as much value as they can from these employees, […]

HR in 2021

2020 fundamentally challenged HR in every imaginable way. Entire organizations shifted to work-from-home models, new and extant technologies were adopted with alarming speed, and the focus on employee safety intensified. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: What will 2021 bring? We gathered some predictions from a number of experts and are pleased to share […]


How to Boost Employee Morale with Office Perks

By Kerry Anne Carter, vice president, Staples Business Advantage It’s probably no surprise that surveys show employees are overworked, burned out, and just plain stressed. While it may be an accepted reality, this burnout is bad news for organizations’ recruitment and retention goals. Staples Business Advantage’s 2016 Workplace Index found nearly half of employees acknowledge […]