10 Phrases that Should Be Banned from the Workplace Forever

Are there specific words and phrases that career-minded managers should avoid at all costs? Yes indeed! says Darlene Price, author of the book Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results. She offers 10 phrases that you should never utter. To successfully communicate, says Price (www.wellsaid.com), you have to learn to present yourself and your […]

Retaliation Suits: Still #1 on the Stupid Suits Hit Parade

Retaliation claims are now number one of all types of charges against employers, and they remain the stupidest type of charge. Stupid because most retaliation charges can be avoided if managers and supervisors just think before they act. Laws prohibiting retaliation as a form of workplace discrimination have expanded rapidly in the past few years, […]

Basic Rules to Keep New Supervisors and Managers Out of Trouble

Yesterday’s Advisor showed why “no good deed goes unpunished” applies to new supervisors and managers. Today, more tips, and five rules. New supervisors and managers try to do the best job they can, but their good intentions often backfire. Instead, they laid the groundwork for expensive lawsuits. The solution is training, training, and more training, […]

Supervisor’s Bottom Line: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The old maxim “No good deed goes unpunished” is rarely as applicable as when untrained supervisors and managers try to be good bosses. If you have new, or recently promoted, supervisors or managers, see if any of these situations are familiar: “Do you think you might be depressed?” asks the concerned, but untrained, boss. “I […]

My Boomers Aren’t Retiring—How Can I Keep HIPOs Engaged?

Yesterday’s Advisor offered tips for handling the difficult situation in which high potential (HIPO) employees low on the career ladder are antsy because Boomers won’t retire. Today, more tips, plus an introduction to the unique guide just for HR “Lone Rangers”—the one-person HR departments. Here are some more tips for managing HIPO employees: Increase risk […]

7 Critical Hiring Mistakes

Selecting the right people is so basic to success, yet many managers do it poorly, due to either haste or ignorance. Here are seven critical mistakes for recruiters and hiring managers to avoid. 1. Failing to Clarify What You Are Looking For Everyone’s in a hurry to fill a vacant position. But filling a job […]

Get Your Learners Moving During Training

Sharon Bowman, president of Bowperson Publishing & Training (www.bowperson.com) and author of Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick, gave trainers good advice yesterday, so we asked her another question: “Why is movement important during training, and how can trainers build movement into training sessions?” Bowman responds by reporting that brain research conducted in the […]

The 4 Four S’s of Social Media Risk

Social media is clearly part of the cultural fabric, says attorney Elijah Yip, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks when employers use it or try to limit employees’ use of it. The 4 S’s of Social Media Risk Yip, who is litigation partner at the Honolulu office of law firm Cades Schutte LLP, offered […]