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Dealing with Layoffs: How Outsourcing Can Support HR Teams and Small Businesses in a Recession

As businesses brace for the likely recession, HR teams have additional responsibilities. For many small to medium businesses, the economic downturn means layoffs will inevitably come into play. For HR teams, layoffs require additional responsibility and work and can be incredibly stressful for the entire team. To ensure business productivity continues despite the layoffs, HR […]

Outsourcing HR

While HR is often seen as essential to business, some companies choose to outsource some HR functions. What factors should a business consider when deciding whether to outsource HR functions, and which functions are appropriate or best suited for outsourcing? Considerations When Deciding to Outsource Companies outsource business functions for a variety of reasons. Often, […]


Simple Starts: A Gateway to Changing Workplace Diversity

Changing corporate culture is a bit like deciding to live a healthier life.  It might feel like it will take a really long time. Concepts like “healthy” and “culture change” are amorphous, subjective, and often emotionally charged, not to mention daunting.

Thanksgiving: More than a day off work for HR

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, many are pausing to reflect on what they’re thankful for in their personal lives. But the season also can be a time for people to consider what they appreciate about their work lives.  What should human resources professionals be thankful for? For starters, innovation that has brought about an elevation […]