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Lack of Salary Negotiations May Cost Jobseekers in the Long Run

When it comes to employee compensation and pay practices, a new survey finds that potential candidates aren’t negotiating salaries, and this is leaving a lot of money left on the table for future earnings. According to online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter®, the majority of jobseekers are not negotiating for more salary when starting a new job.

Compensation Is Key for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) June 2018 Employment Situation, the unemployment rate has risen 0.2% for the month of June, making the new rate 4.0%. Unfortunately, it looks like our record low unemployment numbers may become a thing of the past, which is good news for employers looking to attract workers!

Enticing Job Candidates to Relocate

A previous Recruiting Daily Advisor article looks at how U.S. states are getting into the recruiting business by promoting affordability and quality of life in an attempt to attract job candidates.

Volunteer Experience Is Work Experience

There are several reasons job seekers include volunteer experience on a résumé: To show involvement in the community; to highlight their interest in and a commitment to a particular cause that may or may not be job related; and to demonstrate skills that are not apparent from other résumé information.

When Résumés Include Hobbies

There’s ongoing debate among career advisors and résumé writers about whether to include hobbies on a résumé—and perhaps surprisingly, just as many appear to be for as against.


Sign-On Bonuses Get Serious

An earlier Recruiting Daily Advisor article cites research from nonprofit Human Resources association WorldatWork, which finds the number of companies using sign-on bonus programs stands at a 15-year high.

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Define ‘Other Duties’ in Your Job Postings

Job postings sometimes include what might be called a disclaimer, intended to let job seekers know that the tasks and responsibilities listed are not the only ones applicable to the position.