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Benefits and Perks for 2013–What’s Really Happening?

Please participate in our brief survey—sponsored by Aflac—and see how the perks you offer stack up against those of other successful companies. We’ll get answers to these questions and more: What benefits and perks are most commonly offered? What effect do perks have on recruiting and retention? What are the benefits of tuition reimbursement? Who’s […]

Best Practices for Holidays? Let’s Find Out

By Compensation.BLR.com Editor Robert Brady For years, BLR® has surveyed HR and compensation/benefits professionals to find trends in policy and practice. We appreciate your participation in our series of brief, targeted surveys. Today’s survey topic: Holiday Practices. We’ll publish the results in a future issue, and we’ll also send you a PDF report. (Be sure […]

2012-2013 Pay Budget Survey

It’s time for BLR and HRHero’s annual Pay Budget Survey. What’s happening with salary increases and bonuses in 2012 and 2013? How do your plans compare to those of your competitors? Let’s find out. By sharing your insight, opinions, and experience, you can help highlight trends and define benchmarks — by industry, geographic location, and […]