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Strategies to Prevent HR Burnout

HR professionals play a critical role in supporting and managing employees’ well-being within organizations. However, a recent study highlighted in Forbes has revealed a distressing reality: An overwhelming 98% of HR professionals are currently grappling with burnout and chronic fatigue. This alarming statistic sheds light on the significant toll the demanding nature of their work […]

Unconditional Offer to Reinstate Employee Prevents Wrongful Discharge Claim

I often receive calls from employers that say they just met with an employee to talk about job performance, the session didn’t go well, and now the company has received a bizarre communication from the individual and doesn’t know how to proceed. After I’ve read the message and talked with the employer, it becomes clear […]


Unequal Ohio Workplace Probe Leads to Discrimination Case

When an employee complains about unfair or discriminatory treatment, you should promptly and thoroughly investigate the complaint. A quality investigation can solve a problem and avert potential litigation. If a lawsuit results, the investigation can be an important part of the organization’s response and defense.


How a Gaming Company Used Scorecards to Overhaul Its Performance Evaluations Final Thoughts

What do you do when 35% of your employees say they do not understand their growth and career path at your organization? For one organization, the problem highlighted a need to closely examine its performance evaluation system. With some trial and error, it decided to implement a scorecard system, yielding great results.


Ideas for Boosting Transfer of Training from Training Event to the Job

A lot of time, effort, and money is spent on training employees for a wide range of needs—training on compliance-related issues (e.g., harassment, safety); training for skill development (e.g., customer service, sales); training to work with new equipment, machinery, or technology; and training related to corporate culture (e.g., communication skills, teambuilding, etc.).

Variable Pay: Make It Work for Your Organization and Your Employees

Comprehensive variable pay programs—more “pay at risk” for employees—are a growing trend for 2015 and beyond, notes John A. Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services. Here are some reasons why, and why you could save some serious money by implementing a comprehensive variable pay program at your organization.

Key tips to remember when counseling and disciplining employees

by Michelle Lee Flores There is nothing like a gentle reminder or a “cheat sheet” to look at when counseling or disciplining employees. The key thing to remember is that although nothing can absolutely insulate you from claims of discrimination or wrongdoing, there are steps you can take to get to the ultimate goal of […]

Dealing with ‘smart slackers’? Coaching can be solution

It’s March, a time when employers find themselves dealing with office pools, college rivalries, and a tendency for sports fans to shift their attention from work to the college basketball national championship tournament. The distraction of the “big dance” can cause even the best employees to slack off as they follow games during the workday […]

Performance Problem—Blame the Job Description?

Well-written and effectively developed job descriptions are communication tools that allow both employees and candidates to clearly understand the expectations of the role, its essential duties, competencies, and responsibilities, along with the required educational credentials and experience, says Kennedy. Kennedy is the principal consultant of MAKHR Consulting, LLC, and author of the career coaching book […]

The 3 Flavors of Flex

Fellows, founder and president of WorkLife Performance, Inc. divides flex/telecommuting into three “flavors.” She offered her tips at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and HR Hero. Flavor #1—Flexible Hours This is the opportunity to begin and end each workday at an approved time outside the standard (or “core”) working hours while still completing the […]