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Employee personal information – the gift you don’t want to give this Christmas

You may have heard the news of the monumental data hack on Sony late last month, where several personal e-mails, rough cuts of movies, and screenplays were obtained and released without authorization by the media giant. According to several news outlets, the e-mails in particular reveal personal gripes about certain celebrities (shocker!) and have raised allegations […]

“You’ve got mail! And it just might be a warrant for your arrest”

You don’t have to try very hard these days to find employment law references in pop culture. Movies and TV shows examine issues of employment discrimination, politicians seem unable to resist the urge to text photos of their private parts to their disgusted subordinates, and professional athletes provide ample fodder for lawyers in desperate search […]

Employment Law Tip: Have You Met the HIPAA Security Rules Deadline?

Last year, large health plans (those with receipts of at least $5 million) had to come into compliance with new electronic security rules mandated by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The rules are a corollary to the HIPAA privacy requirements for individual protected health information (PHI) and specify a series of administrative, […]

Employee Benefits: New Health Care Privacy Rules Released; How To Get Ready Now

After being flooded with more than 11,000 comments from the public about proposed changes to federal health care privacy rules, the government has now released new privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Generally, the new rules require health plans and providers to take steps to safeguard an individual’s PHI, or […]