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Grudge Match: Long-Simmering Resentment Stokes Age Bias, Retaliation Claims

People can hold grudges for a long time. But when a manager is holding a grudge against an employee, how long can that grudge continue? Well, in one case, a manager held a grudge against an employee for 11 years. The case comes to us out of Utah, where a former sheriff’s department firearms instructor […]

Ask the Expert: Talking Politics at Work

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, brought to you by the team of industry experts at HR Hero®, we look at a recent question from a subscriber regarding political discussions (and disagreements) in the workplace. Q: How do you handle politics in the workplace? We’ve had an employee post campaign stickers and another employee taking […]


How to Keep Meetings from Getting Sidetracked

We’ve all been there: a meeting that seemingly never ends; a meeting that goes around in circles over the same insignificant topics without ever coming to a resolution; a meeting that wraps up leaving attendees feeling like the primary purpose for getting together was never addressed.


What’s Behind the Record Levels of Workplace Stress?

Feeling stressed out at work? You’re not the only one. As Rose Leadem reports on Entrepreneur.com, a recent survey of more than 1,000 full-time employees in the United States found that more than half of participants said they feel more stressed today than they did 1 year ago. Notably, 60% report being stressed all or […]

Political speech in the workplace

by Thomas J. Lloyd III This election season has already proven to be, in certain respects, more animated than any that has ever come before. An ever-changing political landscape, fueled in large part by social media activism, has brought once-foreign political issues directly into the homes and workplaces of nearly every American. As the primaries […]

You’re hired? U.S.A., Inc., eyes Trump for CEO

by Kylie Crawford TenBrook Let’s say—hypothetically—you are conducting a search for your next CEO. One résumé in particular has caught your eye. The candidate’s qualifications include managing a real estate empire worth billions and owning a marginally successful enterprise whose business model is founded on judging women by their looks.  Wanting to know more, you […]

Office politics: why you shouldn’t care who likes Ike

by Timothy M. Barber With another round of contentious elections upon us, employers should brush up on federal, state, and local laws related to political affiliation discrimination.  The political season Fall in America: football, brightly colored leaves falling, and another cycle of contentious elections. Recent elections have involved important issues affecting businesses and employees—issues that […]

Getting past campaign strife: HR can help heal rifts

by Tammy Binford Finally, it’s over. With the passing of Election Day, campaign ads have died down but emotions can still run high. If coworkers have engaged in heated political discussions at work, those passions can be counterproductive to the mission of the business. So the question for HR is “What now?” What can HR […]

Here we go again: dealing with political discussions in the workplace

by T. Harold Pinkley As election season heats up, we thought it would be worthwhile to remind you about important issues to consider when you’re dealing with discussions about politics in the workplace. We hope our readers will relate to the experiences of Gertrude, the fictional HR director featured in this article. The phone call […]

California Supreme Court to Look at Same-Sex Marriage

Despite the passage of Proposition 8 earlier this month, the issue of same-sex marriage is still very much alive in California. The California Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will address the issues raised by the initiative at the request of advocates on both sides: (1) Was Proposition 8 legally valid, or must it be […]