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Veronica Mars: Return to Neptune

Thanks in large part to a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, legions of “Marshmallows” and I recently got to enjoy new adventures of Veronica Mars on the big screen. Although Veronica left the small screen back in 2007, that did not stop my favorite private detective from diving right back into action (and danger) in the film version. The premise of the film […]

Maryland law on accommodations for pregnant workers takes effect October 1

by Kevin C. McCormick Maryland’s Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers Act goes into effect October 1, meaning Maryland employers with 15 or more employees must provide reasonable accommodations to employees who experience a disability because of a pregnancy. Basically, the new law requires employers to treat pregnancies in much the same way disabilities covered by […]

Breadwinner, caregiver, or both: Is it a new day for Dad in the workplace?

Prince William is back at work now, but immediately following the birth of his baby on July 22, he took some time off from his duties in the British Royal Air Force – paid time off. American golfer Hunter Mahan also famously left work recently because his wife was ready to deliver their baby. He […]

New FMLA Regs: Holidays, Joint Employers, Pregnancy and More

In past issues of HR Hero Line, we’ve examined the FMLA regs issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) in November 2008. This week, the attorney editors of the Kentucky Employment Law letter examine a few more changes made by the new FMLA regulations including holidays, joint employers, leave for pregnancy and childbirth, and employer […]

Employers See Dramatic Rise in Pregnancy Discrimination Claims

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) is back in the news as the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether AT&T violated the Act by paying reduced pension benefits based on uncredited pregnancy leave taken before enactment of the PDA in 1978. That upcoming decision may influence whether companies have to change their policies retroactively to comply with […]

Pregnancy Complications: Disability, No; Sex Discrimination, Maybe

By John C. Pitblado By now, you know that the old “sticks and stones” schoolyard adage is way off: Words can hurt you. You may be surprised to find out how few words (in this case, a 12-word phrase in an e-mail) it takes to really hurt an employer that’s facing a discrimination claim. HR […]

Maternity Benefits – No Legal Right for Adoptive Mothers

By Kate McNeill McCarthy Tetrault Across Canada, employment standards laws provide for job-protected maternity leave for pregnant employees and parental leave for parents generally. In addition, the federal government provides financial benefits during these leaves through its Employment Insurance Act (EIA). The Supreme Court of Canada recently declined to review an appeal of a decision […]