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Got a toxic employee? Hiring a superstar may not be the solution

Employers are generally willing, even eager, to invest time, energy, and money into bringing on a superstar employee. They’re confident the payoff that comes from hiring a star will make the effort worth it. But what if the employer also has a toxic employee? Will a strong hire counteract the damage? A recent Harvard Business […]

Coach or terminate? Developing a strategy for ‘difficult’ employees

What supervisor or human resources professional hasn’t asked the question: Why can’t people work together without deliberately making the working environment insufferable? Why don’t people use their energy to solve differences instead of lashing out in anger? There may be no easy answers to those questions, but understanding why conflict occurs and following a strategy […]

Finding the right way to deal with less-than-ideal employees

Human nature being what it is, employers can expect friction within work groups from time to time. Personality clashes and misunderstandings will strike nearly every workplace at some time. Handling that strife often requires a deft touch that rises above human nature. While a supervisor’s natural reaction may be to scold, ignore, and make life […]

Employee temper tantrums, resignations, and the law

Employers generally go to great lengths to retain valued employees. They know the benefits of keeping good, experienced people and avoiding the costs of recruiting and training new hires. Sometimes, though, the words “I quit” are music to an employer’s ears. A problem employee out the door seems like a problem solved. But is it? […]