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The Future of Work Starts with IT

The “future of work” can often feel like an ambiguous concept. Technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, augmented reality/virtual reality, and machine learning are nebulous concepts that can still seem years away from actually impacting certain lines of business.


Best Practices for Multitasking

In the modern economy, it’s rare to find a position in which the employee simply focuses on only one activity throughout the day. Instead, most of us are expected to handle a variety of job functions, as well as other, undefined activities that may crop up from time to time and that are necessary to […]


Blue-Collar Industries See Increase in Talent Shortages

Like most employers across the United States, employers in blue-collar industries are feeling the strain of the candidate-driven market. A new report reveals that blue-collar industries are struggling to attract new workers, while the workers in these roles are reaping the benefits of the tight labor market.


What Is Strengths-Based Management?

There are many ways to manage a team and develop and nurture employees. Strengths-based management (also known as strengths-based leadership) is one method by which leaders can evaluate the strengths of employees and continue to cultivate and develop them in ways that emphasize those strengths. This allows employees to perform to the best of their […]


Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

In a time when employee retention is at the top of everyone’s mind, employers are looking for ways to ensure their workers are satisfied and motivated at their jobs. Finding ways to combat stress and burnout can go a long way toward this goal, thus keeping employees happier and maintaining high morale and productivity.

Effective Employee Incentive Ideas: Practical Advice

Any successful business must engage its employees to retain them. The more you show your appreciation for a job well done, the more happy workers you will have on your hands. And a positive workforce leads to better productivity and profits. Taking the time to listen to your employees and thank them is essential. But […]