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What Benefits Matter More to Employees Than Salary?

During an economic downturn, job hunters usually search for the highest-paying position, but when deciding between offers with comparable pay, they might overlook salary and choose the role with the best benefits. The full range of benefits—health insurance, retirement plans, career advancement, and parental leave, among others—may be of the utmost importance. Do these perks […]

How Flexible Benefits Can Help Companies Meet New Employee Demands

While shocks like COVID-19 and the current economic crisis are immensely destructive, they can also lead to healthy realignments of values and creative solutions to old problems. For example, as millions of employees have dealt with dramatic changes in how they work over the past 2 years, they’ve reassessed what they want from employers. The […]


Hiring for Strengths: Why a Person-First Approach Puts Businesses Ahead

For the past few years, team member engagement has started to become one of the most telling statistics about a company. While it looks different in each organization and the definition might change per team leader, there is no debate about the importance of it in the ever-changing modern workplace.


How to Develop Your Personalized Recruiting Process

You can glean a lot from psychology to develop a personalized recruiting process. Imagine your own prior interviews in which you were being queried. I bet the ones that made the biggest impact on you, regardless of whether you accepted the position, were the ones in which you connected in a personalized way with the […]


5 Preparations to Help You Become the Best HR Manager

As an HR manager, you’ll be many things to many people. Keeper of records and secrets. Translator of cold and distant (and important to be followed) policies. Easer of tensions among employees and between leadership and their reports. You’ll be a safe place for team members to discuss concerns and voice complaints; a beacon who […]

Trust, Flexibility, and Career Opportunities Key to Attracting Talent

As Recruiting Daily Advisor has previously reported—and on more than one occasion—flexibility is a great way to attract candidates to your company. However, workers are also looking for companies that offer trust and the chance to grow and develop as professionals.

Don’t Scare That Candidate Away! Tips for a Smooth First Contact

So you found the perfect candidate—on paper. Time to reach out, but that’s not as straightforward as it seems. Making the wrong move might cost you more than a filled position—it might even hurt your reputation. Let’s take a look at what you can do to make sure you can seal the deal when you […]


10 Ways HR Can Help First-Time Managers Succeed

In industries like manufacturing, engineering and construction, the skills gap has meant that those in nonsupervisory positions have had to move into supervisory roles. Promoting internally is a great way to build up your company, but what happens when an employee without any management experience moves into a supervisory position?