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Most Employees Have Experienced Workplace Discrimination

Most workers today have experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace, according to Monster, which recently conducted a poll in honor of National Disability Independence Day. Discrimination Is Rampant The results of Monster’s poll may be shocking to some. For example, here are some of its key takeaways: Only 9% of those polled say […]

Partnering with ERGs Presents a Clear Way to Close America’s Racial Wealth Gap 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made a plea back in 1966 to close the racial wealth gap between white and black America, calling this discrepancy a “structural part of the economy.”   Now, despite nearly 60 years of supposed progress, the racial wealth and financial wellness gap remains largely unmoved. In fact, with rampant inflation and […]

Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s Essential In EEOC Charges

Football season is upon us, and so are the clichés associated with it. But clichés all contain kernels of truth, do they not? Here is one: “Football is a game of inches.” So, too, is employment discrimination litigation. For an education on this point and the importance of small details, read on. The ‘T’ Got […]